Admission for diverse students

TSCHS is providing 100% online courses to help a wide range of students from diverse backgrounds achieve their ultimate goal of earning an OSSD  (Ontario Secondary School Diploma). We anticipate that you will fall into one of these categories.

Ontario Students

Attending In-person High school wanting to repeat
to get a better grade for one or a few courses

International students

Not residing ontario, and globally who wants to get a OSSD

Mature students

Mature students want to get prerequisites done for admission
of a post secondary education

Students in different situation

Students who want courses that are not offered
at their current school

Are you worried?

Even if you don't seem to fit into any category here, don't worry.
Our staff will assess your individual educational background and will be in touch with you during the registration process.
Everyone's situation is unique, and we're here to ensure
that your needs are met.

1. Counseling

Available in both Online and Offline

Introduction to School with 1:1 Counseling Services

Our school provides tailored counseling services to address the individual goals and needs of our students. The school’s admissions personnel take the time to get to know students, to understand their diverse learning experiences and objectives, and to create educational plans that align with them.

During the counseling phase, we strive to identify students’ general goals and requirements, helping them determine the most suitable educational path at our school. Through 1:1 personalized counseling, we aim to get to know each student in detail, identifying their strengths, interests, and the direction they wish to pursue. These counseling sessions can take place both online (via platforms like Google Meet or Zoom) or in-person at our Toronto-based office.


English test for International Applicants

For students from non-English-speaking countries, we require a mandatory English proficiency test to assess their ability to keep up with the coursework. This is not about admission or exclusion but rather about offering individualized and beneficial English classes.

The purpose is to provide students with more tailored and useful English lessons, allowing them to develop and better comprehend the coursework at our school. This additional support is designed to help students thrive in their educational journey with us.

2. English Test

For students applying from international regions

3. Ontario High School
Credit Evaluation

Based on your previous education and background,
prerequisites will be evaulated

Recognition of Credits for Students in Ontario and Outside Canada

Students in Ontario can have their previously earned credits and recorded grades from their prior educational institutions acknowledged.

For students from regions outside Ontario, including international students, the following policy is applicable: “Students who have completed prerequisite coursework in another country, which encompasses topics similar to those covered in the Ontario curriculum, may be considered for waivers for courses that have prerequisites. International students are also encouraged to enroll in courses without prerequisites at their convenience.”

Furthermore, international students have the option to obtain credit recognition by submitting a course plan and academic achievement documents from their home country. This credit recognition process allows international students to smoothly integrate their academic accomplishments into our educational system, ensuring a seamless transition and recognition of their prior educational experiences.

Guidance Based on Credit Assessment

The direction of a student’s studies at our school will be determined based on the evaluation of their credits. An academic plan tailored to the student’s desired career path and university admission goals will be established accordingly.

4. Academic Plan

Creatinf an Academic plan based on the
students' credit evaluation and career aspiration.