How does the tutoring service operate?


At TSC High School, our aim is to help students excel in their courses, and that’s why we provide online tutoring. Apart from the feedback given by the teacher, our tutoring service is structured to provide tailored and prompt responses to any queries students might have regarding the course content. Additionally, this service is beneficial for other students following the same high school curriculum. 

Get connected through the Internet

Depends on what you need

Tutoring Webniar

How, Who, What is done?

Google Meet

Connect with your tutor through a TSCHS webinar, and reach out to TSCHS to schedule a meeting.
During webinars, teachers utilize a virtual whiteboard, and you can conveniently download their notes as PDFs.

Personal Approach

Tutors will provide comprehensive responses, including relevant resources, to address the specific topics you want to cover. Ensure that you prepare your questions in a detailed manner for the best assistance.
Tailored to individual student has :
- Challenging coursework
- Difficulty with assignments
- Need for review or preview
- Struggles with foundational concepts.

Course you need help

Every tutoring coach at TSC High School is a teacher in their subject and part of our internal academic team. This grants them unique access to our course materials, enabling them to delve into any unit or assessment and identify areas where students require assistance.
A different teacher who teaches the subject you want assistance with will help you understand and explain the content.