Custodianship @TSChighschool

“Custodian service” is a helper service that, given the nature of high schools, allows parents to send their children abroad with peace of mind. So, in this situation, parents appoint a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to take care of and assume responsibility for their underage child during their studies in Canada.

Describing the contract between parent or guardian and custodian

Both Parent or Legal Guardian should sign that arrangements have been made for the custodian to act in place of parent.

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) mandates that a custodian should meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 25 years old.
  • Hold Canadian citizenship or permanent residency in Canada.
  • Reside within the school catchment area (for students in grades K-8) or within a reasonable distance from the school in the Greater Toronto Area (for students in grades 9-12).
The Custodianship Declaration Forms must be signed and notarized by a lawyer or a notary public. A photocopy should be uploaded to the online application to TDSB international students portal and Admissions Office. The originals will be required when applying for a study permit with IRCC.

Roles and Responsibilities of Custodians

The custodian, acting on behalf of the parents, holds the responsibility for coordinating essential arrangements to care for and support the student during their enrollment at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). The custodian is expected to:

1. Act as the primary point of contact for the Toronto International Student Programs (TISP) and the TDSB school regarding all matters concerning the international student.
2. Ensure that the student renews their status with the International Students and Admissions Office and meets the tuition fee payment deadlines.
3. Verify that the student completes English and Math assessments before joining the TDSB.
4. Accompany the student to school with the required documentation for registration and complete/sign all necessary school-related documents.
5. Assist the student in settling into their new environment, including tasks such as opening a bank account, purchasing a cell phone, and understanding how to use public transit.
6. Provide consent for academic programs and activities, obtaining parental approval when required by the school.
7. Attend parent-teacher interviews and communicate with parents afterward.
8. Maintain accurate custodian contact information with both the school and the International Students and Admissions Office.
9. Promptly notify the school and the International Students and Admissions Office of any changes made to the student’s homestay or custodianship arrangement.
10. Arrange for an emergency contact person and provide emergency contact information to the school and the International Students and Admissions Office when temporarily away from the City of Toronto, such as during travel.
11. Monitor the student’s attendance record, report absences to the school following established procedures, and promptly communicate student absences to parents.
12. Send preliminary, midterm, and final reports to parents and facilitate communication among the school, the International Students and Admissions Office, and parents/students regarding any concerns or necessary follow-up.
13. Assist the student in resolving behavioral, social, emotional, and medical concerns, maintaining open communication with the school, students, parents, and the International Students and Admissions Office.
14. Address homestay issues and communicate with parents, schools, and the International Education Office.
15. Responsively handle requests and phone calls from the school and the International Students and Admissions Office to ensure the student’s safety effectively.



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